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Low Income Apartments Finder - Low Income Housing

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Low Income Apartments Finder - Low Income Housing

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To find a low income apartment, click on the URL below which will take you to the HUD Search for Elderly Apartments. Enter your state on the first screen. On the next page enter the city, county or zip code. In the Apartment Type select "Elderly".

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The web site link above goes to the U S Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD Low Income apartment search page. This low income apartment search page is extremely hard to find on the government site, so we found it for you. We are not associated with HUD and get no referrals from HUD, but feel free to use this low income apartments search. For low income housing application contact the management of any apartments you find in your search. Under apartment type, enter select Elderly.

Low rent or low income apartments: the government gives funds directly to low income apartment owners, who lower the rents they charge low income tenants. You can find low income apartments for senior citizens and people with disabilities, as well as for families and individuals.

* You can earn no more than the income limit, thus low income. The low income limits information are on the HUD site or you can ask the management of the low income apartments you contact.

* To apply: visit the management office for the low income apartment(s) that interest you.

This is a good way to find cheap or low income apartments [income based apartments] if you meet the income limits and age restrictions.

More information for elderly low income housing apartment subsidized by the federal governments HUD (housing and urban development division). Request information today about low income apartments from the management company listed in search for complete housing details and current vacancies! These elderly apartments are a participant of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which operates a number of programs which provide both housing and supportive services for the elderly households. HUD defines elderly households as those in which one or more persons are 62 years of age or older.

Five HUD programs provide affordable rental housing for low-income elderly households. Of these five program, only one, the Section 202 housing for the elderly program, provides housing exclusively for elderly persons. The other four programs provide housing for all age groups, but allow some properties to be devoted primarily to housing elderly residents. Some are Section 8

Low income apartments and housing

Also there is an Affordable Housing and Retirement Communities Articles section. Click Articles tab on top of this page and look for this section.

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