Retirement Homes in Small Towns

Small Town Living

Are you one of those people who have lived their entire life in the city, while dreaming of retiring to a nice, quiet, small town? Retiring to a small town conjures up images of living by the water, waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, and quiet lazy days of leisure. Your retirement is your chance to do things that you may have put off for years. When work was a priority, you may have felt chained to the city. However, years of living in a busy city and dealing with the rush and chaos take their toll. So why not make that sea change you have always fantasized about, and retire to your dream town to experience small town living?

One of the major benefits of retiring to a small town is the money saving aspect. Even in a pristine coastal area, you will be able to buy a home that is a fraction of the cost of city prices. Or rent a home in a small town to see how you like it. Your money should be spent on better things rather than wasted on a city location. You could consider investing this saved money on a small home business. Why not run a small B&B? Or set up a home internet business? Being retired doesn't mean you need to stop working altogether, if you love it. And the advantage of living in a small town means that you can invest your money and time into ventures you are passionate about.

After decades in the city, you may be surprised about some of the advantages that small towns have to offer. Suddenly the constant sound of traffic has died down and you can hear the sounds of nature. You can even see the stars at night! The air is a lot clearer too. When you are entering your golden years this is a big factor to consider. Your lungs aren’t quite what they used to be, and if you suffer from any respiratory illness, the clean fresh air is invaluable. You can experience the peace and quiet of a small town while going for lazy walks in the park or along the coast. You can even take a casual stroll through town, now that you’ve escaped the rush of the city.

Once retired, you may be best suited to the pace of small town life. People who live in small towns and country areas are less stressed than those who live in cities. This means that people will stop in the street and say hello to you! It is also a good place to make new friends in your retirement, and to find like-minded retirees who have also made the big move out of the city. Why not take the plunge and discover all the benefits of retiring to a small town. Peace and relaxation await you.

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27 Sep 2016

By By Robert Fowler