How to Be Happy Living the 55+ Community Lifestyle

Have you always been one of those people who could not see yourself in a retirement community? Do you picture little old ladies knitting and men in high-wasted pants playing shuffleboard when age restricted community comes up in conversation? Perhaps the whole idea of suburban living seems dull to you?

We are here to tell you that the old stereotypes are no longer true. Living the 55+ community lifestyle means many things with the options available to seniors today. As the baby boomer generation moves into its retirement years, Over 55 Communities are growing and changing, and may offer just the right combination of social life, relaxation, and recreation to keep you happy and active in your golden years.

Happy Retirement

You need to focus on what you want out of your retirement. You will be happiest in a community in which your neighbors are not only in the same phase of life as you, but are also of a similar mindset. Some 55+ communities are designed especially for peace and quiet and restful relaxation, while others cater to residents who want to be both physically and socially active. Some retirement communities are very suburban, while others are closer to metropolitan areas and provide many opportunities for cultural and social activities and nightlife. If you do your research and take the time to meet people in the communities you are considering, you will know whether or not you are a good fit.

Some other suggestions for happy 55+ community living:

    • Be open to meeting new people. 55+ communities are usually close knit. Neighbors watch out for each other and most new arrivals want to make new friends. A bonus: Residents in these communities are often from many areas of the country, and have a wonderful wealth of experiences and interests. Take advantage of the many social events and neighborhood gatherings available to meet good friends. If you have a particular interest, by all means, start a club and gather like-minded neighbors together.
    • Utilize all that free time. Most 55+ communities have a vast range of clubs and groups to join, as well as both scheduled and independent recreational activities available right on site. Many also keep a calendar of local events and continuing education classes available in surrounding areas, and some provide transportation shuttles to nearby events. If you want to be an active senior, you should have no problem finding events and activities to keep you that way. Remember, your time is finally yours to do with as you wish!
    • Take advantage of the maintenance. Residents pay community maintenance fees so that the stress and strain of maintaining your yard and the exterior of your home is relieved. You can lock up and take off for the day, or sit at home and watch those maintenance crews work. Traverse the walking and biking trails or enjoy a few holes of golf on the well-manicured course, knowing they will always be safely maintained. And if you want to take off for an extended vacation, you know when you come back all will still be in order.

Remember, your retirement should be all about you. You have earned the time to be yourself and live, as you want. Your happiness in a 55+ community is really based upon your decision to use your time and money in the pursuits that will be most personally fulfilling, while letting others worry about security and maintenance. See my blog about Living in a active adult Community.

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18 Nov 2018

By Robert Fowler