How Active Are Active Adult Communities?

If you are 55 years of age or more, and think you may be ready to move into an active adult community, you may have some questions about just what is required to be a member of such a community. How active do you have to be? Is participation in the activities required? Will you pay for activities in which you do not participate? Before you invest hard-earned retirement income to become a resident in one of these active adult communities, you should understand just how they work.

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So, How Active Do You Have to Be in an Active Adult Community?

Your activity level is entirely up to you as a resident in an active adult community. These communities offer independent, low- or no-maintenance living to people aged 55 and over. Residents in active adult communities are active in that they are not unduly restricted by health or mobility issues from participating in the wide range of recreational activities available within the communities themselves or in surrounding urban areas.

Active adult communities do not provide assistance with daily living activities like meals, administration of medications, housekeeping, or personal care. Residents own or rent their own homes and live independently; paying association dues and maintenance fees similar to those paid by residents of condominiums and gated style communities. The primary difference is that active adult communities offer a variety of on-site activities (both organized and independent) and amenities, as well as easy access to off-site activities and attractions in nearby metropolitan areas.

Do You Have to Participate in Anything?

Residents are not required to participate in the activities provided within an active adult community. You are simply made aware of – and provided the opportunity to participate in recreational activities on the premises. Because your neighbors in an active 55+ community are at the same stage of life and do not require a lot of assistance, the assumption is that you will have plenty of people in your social circle who are interested in the same leisure time interests and pursuits as you are. There is no penalty for skipping activities that do not interest you.

Can I Be Left Alone if I Want?

Have no fear; there are no activity police in active adult communities enforcing the active idea. Most of these communities have a social center at which there may be planned gatherings, homeowners association meetings, themed parties, and so on. At the social centers and posted around the community may be a calendar of on-site events, and invitations to participate in off-site excursions, and residents can choose to participate or not. It is understood that residents of these communities are entirely independent and have their own lives and schedules. Rest assured that active adult communities emphasize quiet times and relaxation as well as physical and social activity.

Are there fees to participate?

Usually, participation in activities provided within active adult communities do not cost additional money beyond the monthly fee activities and maintenance fees charged to every resident. There may be an occasional admission fee to off-site attractions, or a one-time tuition payment for a continuing education class offered on-site, but monthly membership fees cover amenities and most scheduled activities. If it is a golf community, residents do not pay extra to play a few holes. If a spa, fitness facilities, or swimming pool are on site amenities, there will not be admission fees when you or guests wish to utilize them.

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26 Nov 2018

By Robert Fowler