Best 55+ Places To Retire In Florida

Florida Retirement Communities

When finding the right 55+ places to retire in Florida, you will want to take a number of factors into consideration.  These include the topography, the ambience, as well as the cost of moving into the area.  When planning a move to Florida, however, there are ten great locations that should be on the top of your list of potential new Florida retirement communities. Also this has seen a reduce in home prices in some popular Florida areas and you may be able to pick up a better deal.

Florida Over 55 Communities

Bonita Springs

which was once a fishing village, can be found between Naples and Fort Myers.  Although it is located on the Gulf coast, Bonita Springs has only recently started to become noticed.  Since then, the area has started to grow rather quickly.  It is a lovely area that also has access to two metropolitan areas for those times when you want to take advantage of the amenities that bigger cities have to offer.


A small town found in Sarasota County, Englewood can be found about halfway down the Florida Gulf coast.  Those looking to move to Florida on a budget often choose to find a place in Englewood.  It is also a very popular choice for those moving to Florida from the Midwest.  The town also offers a wonderful artists community and is not filled with many tourists, which helps to maintain a quiet and quaint atmosphere. There are, however, quite a few people that live in Englewood during the summer only.

Those looking for a location that offers true peace and quite need look no further than Fernandina Beach, which is located on the Atlantic Coast.  Here, you can enjoy being surrounded by beautiful natural areas such as salt marshes, beaches containing high dunes, and more.When compared to the rest of the state, Fernandina Beach can actually feel a bit isolated, making it the ideal location for nature lovers.

Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce, which was built on an economy based on fishing along the coast, is quickly growing into a very diverse town. The price of real estate has gone up quite a bit in the area when looking for a location along the water.  Other real estate inland, however, can still be picked up for a very reasonable price.

Live Oak

Live Oak, which is a small inland town, is found in the north central portion of Florida. Here, you can still pick up a great deal of land at a relatively low price if you desire.  It is also located near to Suwannee River, which makes it a great place to retire for those that enjoy scuba diving.  The terrain is also excellent for biking and, with so much land still available, you can even pick up a parcel and enjoy maintaining your own personal garden if you like.

Mexico Beach is a small town located on the Gulf between Apalachicola and Panama City.  This small town is just now starting to become more developed while still bursting with Florida spirit.  Here, you can enjoy living in a quite community tat is centered primarily around spending time at the beach and fishing.  Being located on the Florida panhandle, you will certainly love the beautiful white sand beaches you will find at Mexico Beach.

With its horse farms, rolling hills, and pleasantly laid back attitude, Ocala is becoming an increasingly popular choice among retirees.  There are a number of small communities located on the outskirts of the city that make it possible to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while still remaining close to major shopping areas as well as medical centers.

Saint Petersburg FL

Saint Petersburg has been a favorite among retirees for many years now as it offers a tropical climate combined with city living.  It is also located near to several fine beaches.  The condos located in downtown St. Petersburg is where the best values can be found, but the older neighborhoods also offer lovely homes, apartment buildings, and condos that are worth a look.  Tampa is also located nearby, as is Sarasota.  This makes Saint Petersburg a good choice for anyone that enjoys the attractions a big city can offer, including the wonderful cultural amenities that can be found close by.

Tarpon Springs Florida

If you love quaint little towns comprised of working class roots, then Tarpon Springs is the Florida town for you.  Having been originally settled by Greek immigrants, this natural sea sponge capital of the world still has a very active and strong Greek community.  You will be able to find a number of waterfront home sites available at Tarpon Springs, as a river flowing through the town enters into the nearby gulf. You will also find several older communities in the area, which are nicely interwoven with the more modern developments of the area.

Vero Beach

If you are looking for a small town with a passionate arts community, Vero Beach is a good option.  Being a coastal town, Vero Beach contains lovely beaches as well as a quaint town on the mainland.  The best locations are located near the beach and are a bit more expensive than the real estate on the mainland, but these homes make for a good retirement purchase as well.

Hallandale Beach FL is one of the most popular searches for Florida retirement communities.

Of course, there are many other places that you can retire in Florida.  The Florida Keys, for example, remain a popular retirement destination.  This area, however, has become so popular that it is out of the price range for most retirees.

With the ten cities listed here, you can find a lovely piece of property that is just as nice, if not nicer than what you will find in the Florida Keys. All of these cities have 55 plus communities including active adult communities available.   Better yet, you can purchase the real estate at a far lower price and keep more of your hard earned money to enjoy your retirement years while living in the gorgeous state of Florida. 

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18 Nov 2018

By Robert Fowler