Common Myths about Memory Care Communities

Whether it’s because of those things you have heard from people about memory care or because of your own assumptions, it’s essential for you to know of different misconceptions in order to choose the best community for your senior loved one. So, here we have compiled a few of the top myths we encounter. Consider these when searching for a memory care community:

Myth 1: A Move to Memory Care Results in Loss of Independence
This is a complete myth. Memory care actually helps to make sure your senior loved one remains as independent as possible. Many of the senior living communities have enclosed courtyards for safe wandering and organize such activities that allow for outings and exploration despite dementia disease.

Myth 2: Your Senior Loved One Can No Longer Enjoy Their Hobbies
Many of the memory care homes make it easier for seniors to enjoy their favorite pastimes and hobbies. Thanks to a range of programs available these days, your senior may find that they love to paint or care for plants. If they were fond of playing games, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with others and find likeminded seniors to enjoy these games with.

Myth 3: All Memory Care Communities Are the Same
This is one of the biggest myths about memory care homes. From basic memory care to more advanced, memory care communities have a diverse range of options available with different cost structures. But, it’s essential to know what your loved one really likes so when you tour make sure to go with the best option.

Myth 4: The Programs and Activities Available Are Generic
This is a prominent myth that the programs that are offered are not the same as everywhere else. Some memory care communities provide an extensive range of programs within their community; however, some go above and beyond to make it possible for trips, outings, and gatherings.

Myth 5: Your Senior Loved one’s Health Will Decline
this can be easily debunked by looking into the health and wellness programs memory care communities offer to their residents. There are various ways through which seniors can maintain a good health routine, either by eating healthy, nutritious and protein-rich meals or by following a fitness regimen that memory care homes provide. In fact, an active lifestyle allows them to get rid of depression and help them remain healthier and positive.

Myth 6: There Is No Privacy
While memory care communities offer so many programs and activities, however, there are still a plethora of opportunities for privacy and some 'me time' alone. Seniors can choose whether or not to participate on any given day and if they want to be alone, they can choose to do so according to their wishes.

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15 Jul 2018

By JJ Koll