Why I Like Del Webb Active Adult Communities Review

If you are ready for the transition into the next exciting stage of your life, you couldn't do much better than a Del Webb active adult community. These are friendly, active adult communities where social activities take precedent. If you retired from your job but not your life, here are reasons to check out an active adult community.

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Ten good reasons to choose a Del Webb 55 Community:

I am providing the Del Webb review while having lived in one for the last three years.

1. The People. In a Del Webb community, you will have the opportunity to make many close, like minded friends. The social aspect of a Del Webb community is one of the biggest reasons they are so popular. These communities are full of active, welcoming, and interesting people who are at the same stage of life as you are.

2. The Active Lifestyle. Del Webb communities are for people who are full of enthusiasm for life. These help to foster and support your enthusiasm with a wide range of social activities and programs. help to foster and support your enthusiasm with a wide range of social activities and programs.

3. The Fantastic Facilities. Want to live in a place that truly has it all? Del Webb communities are their very own self contained villages. There are state of the art facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, sports centers, dog parks, biking trail and more.

4. Great Locations. If you're retired, you have earned the chance to live in a beautiful location. Del Webb Communities are built in great locations, perfect for this next stage of your life. They are usually close to towns and cities, yet situated on beautiful acres of land. Residents love the quiet and the beauty that these communities have on offer.

5. Gorgeous Housing Options. Live in complete comfort in a Del Webb home. Not only are their houses safe and practical, they are also a pleasure to live in. Relax on your own porch, cook a meal in your spacious and tidy kitchen, and wake up to a bright sunny morning with Del Webb's open light floor plans.

6. The Fun Atmosphere. It may sound like a cliche, but living in a Del Webb active adult community is like being on an extended holiday. There is a real air of fun and excitement in these communities. The residents are happy and excited to be there. It might even bring back memories going away to college! The community and social atmosphere brings with it a very fun vibe.

7. Del Webb's Reputation. With their quality name recognition, you can feel secure knowing that Del Webb has a well established reputation. They pride themselves on their long history of building active communities for over 55 year olds.

8. Feel At Home. Del Webb communities help make the transition an easy one. Not only will you feel welcome right from the start, you will feel right at home on one of their large, sprawling grounds. There’s plenty of space to be yourself as well as enjoying an active lifestyle. There are often beautiful water features, grand landscaping and large park grounds.

9. The Low Cost. Living in a Del Webb active adult community means that you have facilities and amenities maintained for you. You also have free access to a range of otherwise costly facilities such as gyms and social clubs. Because Del communities are usually close to shopping center and retail centers, you will also save on the upkeep of a car.

10. Maintain Your Independence. Not only are Del Webb communities vibrant and active, they also give you the freedom to be yourself. You can keep up your favorite activities as well as discovering new ones. This next exciting venture allows you the opportunity to maintain an active, inquiring, interesting lifestyle.

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Note: In this article we use Del Webb as an example but these days there are many other developers of over 55 communities that deliver quality communities.


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Atlanta, GA
Must Have Liked It

I must have liked it, because after writing this article, I moved into a Del Webb Community.

July 2016

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