Resale Homes in Florida

When today's baby-boomers begin thinking about retirement, you have many decisions to make: When is the most fortuitous moment to get out, to maximize your retirement fund? Do you want to live in an age-restricted community? How close do you want to live to your children? Will you work part-time? Of course, two of the most important decisions are just where in the country (or world!) you want to live, and what kind of home you will buy.

Florida has always been a retirement Mecca, for its balmy climate, beautiful beaches, and seemingly endless variety of senior-oriented recreational pursuits. Through the years, the more retirees have flocked to the sandy beaches and resort-style Over 55 Cmmunities in Florida, the Sunshine State, the more services and amenities especially aimed at retirees have become available. Today, retirement is a primary industry in Florida, and a couple of generations of senior citizens have already spent their golden years there, meaning that the styles, sizes, price ranges, and ages of homes in active adult communities are varied and abundant.

Florida over 55 resale homes

New construction has not slowed down, there are plenty of new and developing over 55 communities in Florida where retirees can choose a floor plan and a lot, and have a brand new home built to specification. These new homes can be quite spendy, though and builders in Florida are not apt to offer great deals or incentives because demand for new homes in the state's retirement communities is so high. For many seniors dreaming of a new life in the sun and fun, a resale home in Florida may be a smarter and much more feasible choice.

Resale 55 homes in Florida, of course, are generally priced lower than comparable new-construction homes. Not only are the homes older, and often located in slightly less modern communities (lacking swanky resort-style amenities, for example), but owners of resale homes are usually more motivated than builders to sell quickly. Sometimes resale homes are put on the market when seniors find they need to move to a more supportive environment such as an assisted living facility; they are eager to get out from under a mortgage payment and will offer a low price for a quick sale.

However many of the resale 55+ homes are in the newer communities too. These homes are available for a number of reasons like the owner is moving to a different floor plan more suitable to them or some of these homes were bought for future use and never used for that purpose.

Aside from a lower price, resale homes have other advantages as well. Landscaping is well-established. The homes may be located in older, established neighborhoods and close-in suburbs where new construction is unavailable. Often, previous owners have made customizations and improvements in the home and land worth thousands of dollars and hours of labor. And those retirees who always want projects to stay stimulated and busy may relish the opportunity to transform an older home into their own dream house.

Florida has a myriad of active adult communities, and retirees wanting such things as good prices, quick move-in, and established landscaping may find just the home they are looking for among the many 55 and over resale homes there. Even those who travel or live in the colder climes during summer months may want to look into a resale home in Florida for a second, seasonal rental location.

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19 Nov 2018

By Robert Fowler