55+ Home Decor Ideas

When you visit a new Over 55 Community looking for a home to buy, you will no doubt end up going in the homes in the model home park.  These homes you will agree are decorated beautifully. The sales office has a professional decor in these model homes so that you can see what is possible.

The homes are fashionably decorated with just the right amount of furnishings and accessories. Heck, you could move in and add a few personal items and you would be set. The only problem is, your new home will be empty. With a resale home, you will have the same problem only worse since you will have to do some repairs also.

My wife and I having gone through this process with our move to a Del Webb Community, can share some decorating ideas about how to go about getting your new home ready to occupy.

Pre-move - Downsize and ditch items you have accumated over the years that are seldom needed like clothes, storage items you have not used, exercise equipement, kitchen appliances and gadgets, childhood keepsakes, furniture you won't have need or room for, books and dvds, old files and old holiday decorations. You may only need one car, especially if you get a golf cart.


1. Allow plenty of time. If you can purchase and get possession of your home first before you need to move in that will give you some time to get the new place decorated.  We allowed about one month and that was not too much.

2. Get a professional help with home decorating. Interview several interior designers and pick the one you are most comfortable with. Your new community can offer suggestions from the sales office, a vendor fair, and the community web site discussion board is a great place too.

3. Get home repairs underway first. If you bought a resale like we did, you can refer to your home inspection report to see some things that need attention.

If there are improvements you want to make, you can get these done too. An intertior decorater can help with suggestions and they probably have a repairman they work with.

We added an exhaust to the outside from over the stove, added a box seat with panelling and coat racks in mud room and crown molding in the great room.

4. Take advantage of an empty home.  We painted everything that could be painted including doors and ceilings. It's hard to paint once you move in. We replaced the carpet in the master bedroom with hardwood floors.

5. Picking out colors and patterns can be hard.  If you use an interior decorator, they can help. Be open to their suggestions, as this may be outside your comfort zone, but they know what they are doing. Our decorator asked us to pick out pictures we liked on houzz and some home decor online shopping sites. It was fun and it helped her find what we like.

6. Buy some new furniture. I know you already have too much. Nevertheless, it's old. Time for something new. You don't have to replace all your furniture, but you will be surprised how adding some new pieces will brighten up your new home.

Visit some home decor stores like home depot, your local merchandise mart and retail decorating stores. Your designer will give you some great stores to visit.

7. Add some home accessories and some fun personal items. We turned our sunroom into our "cruise room".


8. Revisit your model home park to get more ideas. Take some pictures with your phone.

9. Don't forget the outside. Now is a good time to get the landscape in shape, prune, replace dead plants and trees, put on gutter guards, power wash exterior including patio and driveway.

Hope you enjoy your new home!

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03 Dec 2018

By Robert Fowler