Retirement Jobs - Types and Benefits

Benefits of a Retirement Job?

Most retirees don't take a job just because they need the money. According to the 2008 National Study of the Changing Workforce which was produced by Families and Work Institute, only 18% of working retirees said they work because other income sources aren't sufficient. Here's why you should consider getting a job.
1. The Money's Nice but Not Necessary
Only 18% of retirees need a job to pay the bills but over half want it to make their retirement more comfortable. If you have a savings plan, you'll have plenty of income in retirement and can use  money to have fun with.
2. Do It Because You Want To Do It
It's very liberating being able to live life on your own terms and get a job without worrying what your paycheck will be. You could work at a non-profit because the low pay doesn't really matter to you. You could even volunteer part of the time and not worry about money at all. 31% of seniors say they work because they don’t want to be bored according to the 2008 National Study of the Changing Workforce.
3. Staying Mentally Active
Lack of mental exercise plays a role in cases of dementia. Many studies have shown mental engagement keeps mental illness at bay as well as provides hope about the future. A third of seniors work to stay mentally engaged so you're not the only one who wants to have an income opportunity.
4. Social Interaction
A job provides a social community to its members. When many people retire after spending a good chunk of their week at work, they lose this social community. No more outings with work friends due to conflicting schedules, no more happy hours, and no more corporate functions can cause a big drop in socialization for many people. This loss of social interaction is a great reason to get a part time job in retirement. Combine the social interaction with following your dreams and you'll have a rewarding work experience in your golden years.

What Types of Retirement Jobs Are Good For You


While many workaholics won't want to give up their work life, for everyone else there are some good things to remember when you're looking for your next income opportunity.
1. Slower Pace
Unless you crave action and deadlines, an ideal retirement job should be more relaxed. If your career was full of sacrifice for the company, you should enjoy your later years by achieving personal goals. A slower pace is good since you won't have lots of stress building up. A slower pace of life is good for the soul as well since you won't have the ever-present sword hanging over your head like many do in the rat race.
2. Good Pay With Less Stress
With all your experience, you can surely find a new job or business. Later on we'll show you some resources you can use to do project work where you “bid” to do a project. You can make good money when you want to work. It's all up to you.
3. Work at Home Over The Internet
Work at home opportunities are exploding in the 21st century business world. Human resources, marketing, distribution, fulfillment, and website management are all things that are getting outsourced to freelancers. If you have any experience in these fields (there are others too) you can pick up a job easily without having to report to another boss. Your experience is valuable to companies and with the internet, many of these functions can be done online in your pajamas.
4. Advise Others Who Are Starting Out In Your Old Career
You can get a temporary job from time to time related to your previous career. Let's say you were an accountant, you could help a startup helping them develop an efficient bookkeeping system. There are tons of opportunities to help small businesses that need your skills so look around for smaller enterprises that might need someone.
5. Dream Jobs Unrelated To Your Career
Instead of doing what you've always done, you can easily start a dream job or business. Always wanted to work at a brewery? You could become a brewer's assistant since many microbreweries are sprouting up all over the U.S. With a strong hankering to learn, many people will take you on board since you have work ethic and a desire to learn. Many teachers simply love teaching whatever skill they have to a willing apprentice.

Best Places To Scour “Retirement Job”

  Visit “Search Jobs” tab on the left tool bar
  Great site to find project based work or regular jobs. This is all done online and almost all job functions are available there.
  Another great site full of resources and job listings. Good place to visit for help

How To Get Your Desired Retirement Job Opportunity

Now that you know what you want, how do you get it? Going to websites and applying for jobs just isn't going to cut it for this specialized search. Here are a few notes to remember¦
1. Look at companies that want you.
The sites in the previous section are looking for seniors or work at home professionals. There are many reasons why these employers want older workers. Many employers want younger people since they have the misguided belief that older workers will make more demands or are outdated in their skills. Since you're retired, they might think you'll be harder to please. Avoid these silly biases by looking at sites that want professionals online (Odesk doesn't care who you are but the employers want good work for a fair price) or job listings that want older workers (Retired Brains and Workforce50)
2. Every desire should be in the open
The fact is, you dictate your schedule now. If an employer wants something that you don't want to give them then this isn’t the right fit. If you're prepared to be picky up front, you’ll avoid having a “dream job” turn into a huge pain in the neck.
3. Visit the places you might want to work
4. Don't overlook turning our hobby into a money maker.
A lot of popular senior jobs aren't on websites or job lists. The roles are there but you have to find them. Sometimes, you might have to volunteer first but can be placed into a longer term part time job once they have grown to like you.
Overall, finding the right retirement job can be an enjoyable experience if you have the right attitude and spend time finding the right thing for you. If you want a regular part time job or you want to start a home business, there are opportunities for you. Just get out there and find something that will make your golden years even more enjoyable.




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06 Sep 2016

By By Robert Fowler