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Retirement Homes in Small Towns

by By Robert Fowler on

Experience small town living in retirement. See the benefits of small town retirement in this article. Peace and relaxation await you.... Read full article

Retirement Homes - Picking the Right One for You

by By Robert Fowler on

Retirement homes, picking the right one for you. The search for a retirement home is but another step in the journey.... Read full article

Making the Move to Independent Retirement Living


A recent AARP poll found that nearly 60 percent of Boomers say they are concerned about living independently, and more than 50 percent say they have begun to think about how they would pay for independent living assistance as they get older.... Read full article

Active Retirement Communities - What and Why?

by By Robert Fowler on

What are Active Adult Retirement Communities and why is it one of the fastest growing segments of the housing market?... Read full article

A Place to Retire - What to Consider


Making the decision to move after retirement can be a difficult one to make. Where do you want to retire to and what type of retirement home?... Read full article



Ovation at Mountain Falls unveils their Lifestyle Club.... Read full article