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55+ Condos in Leisure World in Maryland

Leisure World of Maryland, in Montgomery County, is an extensive 55+ community, offering a variety of luxury facilities and services and a broad range of activities for residents. The fenced, 610-acre community includes many different home-style options and living arrangements, from apartments and townhomes to spacious single-family homes. 55+ Condos in Leisure World in Maryland are also available, offering the extra security and convenience of living in a multi-unit building with on-site maintenance.

A True Community

The draw of Leisure World in Maryland, for many active adults, is the size and inclusiveness of the community. Nearly 8,500 residents call Leisure World home. It is not merely a gated area with homes and a clubhouse; Leisure World offers residents almost every amenity needed for daily activities within its boundaries such as banking services, a post office, bus transportation, two churches, a well-equipped medical center, a full-service pharmacy, and much more. With so many services and conveniences available right there within the fenced community and 24-hour security with staffed, gated entrances limiting access to only residents and their guests, residents enjoy comfort, convenience, and security inside and outside of their homes, day and night.

The variety of housing options at Leisure World in Maryland also makes this age-restricted community appealing to a wide range of seniors. For those interested in the convenience and security of 55+ condos Leisure World may be just what they are looking for. Condominium living offers the benefits of low-to-no maintenance, on-site crews available to fix issues like plumbing and heating problems, and community rooms or building lobbies where friends and neighbors can gather for casual socializing.

Extensive Community Services

At Leisure World in Maryland, not only condominium owners enjoy freedom from maintenance concerns, individual homeowners also benefit from community services. The community maintains its own comprehensive maintenance staff, making up nine Physical Property Departments that can address nearly any repair or maintenance need of residents. Residents engage these services through annual service agreements, which offer maintenance and repairs at multiple levels of coverage and pricing. Services include:

· Major appliance repair and/or replacement

· Carpentry work, such as repair of doors and windows, drywall replacement, cabinet and counter repair or replacement, tile installation, and more

· Electrician services, including installation of safety sensors, ceiling fans, telephones, and electrical wiring

· HVAC services and equipment, both scheduled maintenance and repair of existing units and installation of new equipment

· Plumbing services for frozen water lines, replacement or repair of water heaters, basins and bowls, clearing drain stoppages, and more

· Purchasing department and construction materials warehouse on-site, carrying such items as cabinets, countertops, bathroom appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and HVAC equipment

· Special Projects department, that deals with water management and irrigation, sump pumps, roof inspections and repairs, drainage solutions, paving, and fencing, as well as some custom work

· Garbage and Recycling services are provided on-site by Leisure World employees, meaning no extra garbage collection expense for residents beyond community fees

· After hours services for emergencies such as extensive water leaks, electrical disruptions, and so on

For the security of all residents, condominium owners and single homeowners alike, Leisure World also maintains its own special police force on-site. Police officers are on constant vehicle and foot patrols, throughout every neighborhood in the community. Transportation is also provided, with shuttle buses running regularly within the community and to nearby shopping areas.

Fantastic Facilities for Recreation

For retirees seeking the security and convenience of living in 55+ condos Maryland offers a number of condominium communities, but at Leisure World you get so much more than just one or two buildings and a common room. Such a large resort-style community offers an impressive array of recreational facilities, social organizations, and scheduled activities for those wanting to spend their retirement enjoying relaxed, self-reliant living and active pursuits. Within the gated community there are not one but two clubhouses, three restaurants (fine dining to casual), ceramics and art studios, a library, a gardening area, a movie theatre and concert hall, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and a professionally staffed fitness center. The community staffs its own Education and Recreation Department for planning and conducting fun activities for residents, including on-site activities and short- and long-distance trips.


The crowning jewel among Leisure World's recreational offerings is an 18-hole championship golf course, complete with driving range, putting green, pitching area, golf shop, cart rentals, lockers and storage, and available golf instruction. Golf Club events include mixers, club tournaments, clinics and instruction, and both home and away events for men and women.

If you are considering retirement to one of the Mid-Atlantic States, Maryland may be just the ticket. The purchase of 55+ Condos in Leisure World in Maryland is both a great lifestyle choice and an intelligent financial alternative.

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26 Aug 2016

By By Robert Fowler