Why Retire to the Mid Atlantic region

55+ Living in the mid-atlantic has many unique attractions.

For one, the climate is "in the middle," neither too hot, nor too cold, and a bit of every season.  For me it is also the very rich location of American history and culture.  Being proximate,but not in the congested mix, of Washington D.C. gives me access to the most extraordinary collection of art, science, and cultural history of the United States.....and, as parts of the Smithsonian, it is all free.  D.C. has one of the best Zoos in the world, several of the finest art collections in the world, the finest collection of historical artifacts of American history, and miles and miles of parks and walks that put American history at your feet.  Baltimore too has its share of physical and cultural attractions and combined with the trove in D.C., there is endless nourishment for the active mind and spirit. 

For many in our age bracket it is where we can be close to children and grandchildren.  For many others, it gives our children and grandchildren an active and culturally rich place to visit.  My children who call the New England states home, find it easier to take in a Boston Red Sox game at Camden Yards than Fenway Park. 


Our 55+ Community, the Villages at Woodholme, brings it all together---food for the body, mind, and spirit.  Swimming pool, tennis courts, and state-of-the-art clubhouse offer opportunity galore to get and keep fit.  The community is structured in geographically separated "villages" or neighborhoods with walking and resting areas for evening chats and catching-up with neighbors. Bridge? Marjahn? Book Club? Music listening and learning? Monday night football?---they,and more,  are all part of living in our community.  Its easy to stay fit, stimulated and engaged at the Villages at Woodholm.


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17 Sep 2016

By Theresa M. Rowe