New Over 55 Communities

Good Time To Look At Homes In New Over 55 Communities

New 55 retirement communities are popping up all over the place. The housing market has improved and that is good news for people looking to buy new homes. Interest rates are still at record lows and developers of new over 55 communities are pulling out all of the stops by creating communities with all of the bells and whistles to attract buyers. That means there has never been a better time to buy new.

55+ New Homes

Low MaintenanceA new home means you can spend your time enjoying it rather than worrying something is going to break down. New retirement community homes are built with the latest materials, architecture, and technology that make them safer, more convenient, and easier to maintain. Most new homes come with warranties and free repairs during that time giving you peace of mind that when something goes wrong it will be taken care of. That sort of assurance does not come when you buy an older home.

Today's new homes utilize whole home systems such as advanced heating and air conditioning which cuts down on the monthly bill saving homeowners thousands of dollars. New homes are also much more energy efficient saving even more money.

Low Interest Rates
The rationale that renting saves you money compared to buying is no longer valid with interest rates hovering at less than six percent. Instead of writing out the rent check each month that goes directly to the landlord it would be much wiser to be building equity at the same time. Many people are getting interest rates at 5% making a mortgage or a mortgage refinance even more affordable than rent.

Designed for Your Lifestyle New over 55 communities specialize in building homes that cater to senior living. That means the home is free of many safety hazards found in regular homes. Home builders that specialize in new retirement community homes can build your home with convenient amenities such as no trip walkways, handle bars in the bathroom and shower, and more.

Building from the ground up lets you choose the colors, features and amenities you want. Picking things out like carpet, counter tops, cupboards, and tile is not only fun, it makes your new home YOURS. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that you and your family are the only ones who have lived in the home, and it was built just for you.

Make New Friends The other great thing about new homes is the chance to make new friends that live right in your neighborhood. Having a social circle of friends is important in the life of today's senior and helps to keep you happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Neighborhood Upkeep New 55+ communities often have covenants that ensure the neighborhood is kept clean, safe and looking great. These covenants protect the neighborhood from dilapidation ensuring the resale value of the home increases.

Tax Savings Buying a new home has several tax advantages. When you make the smart choice to move into one of the great 55+ retirement communities you'll be able to get tax credits and deductions for several costs including:
Points >

Mortgage Interest

Real Estate Taxes

New Home Construction Loan Interest

Pre-Payment Penalties (rare)

Mortgage Insurance

Home Office

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03 Dec 2018

By Robert Fowler