Retirement Activities Brings New Friends

Retirement Activities Brings New Friends

Before retirement you probably had the same friends for a long time and you had friends at work.  After you retire, you may find yourself sitting at home while many of your friends are still working.

You find yourself thinking it would be nice to have some new friends to do stuff with, ones that are available when you are.

I have found the answer to how to find new friends in retirement: one word "activities".

If you participate in activities with people, then naturally you will bond with some of them as you get to know each other.  You tend to become friends with people you spend time with. Activities puts you with people and is the reason to spend time with people doing something you both like. You have fun doing the activities and that makes it fun to spend time with the people. Then you may see other possibilities like going to lunch, doing some other activities together, taking a day trip, etc. That's how you make new friends.

For some examples, my wife and I starting playing Bocce Ball at our senior center. We didn't know how to play at all but I started first and saw how easy it was to play. Seeing how much fun I was having I got Mary Ann to join me at bocce. We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10AM. We are leaving in a few minutes to play our game today and look forward to seeing Don, Lamont, Joe, Genette, Roger, Mike and Kim who are all our new friends. Don and Lamont joined me on a visit to the Atlanta High Museum to see the car collection one weekend. We have gone out to dinner with a couple.  Even if we do no other activities with these friends, we enjoy our time together with them playing Bocce every week.

More examples.  Join a dance club and take dance lessons.  This will be fun and you will meet some friends.  Both singles and couples are members of our dance club.

Card and table games are popular in the Winter time and are a great way to socialize and meet new friends.

Like Bocce, any sports teams are a great way to have fun, get exercise and meet new friends. Being on a team is a bonding experience in itself. Softball, Pickleball, Bowling, Tennis, Golf, are some teams that come to mind.

Meeting of collectors, like say coin or stamp collectors, gun and knife collectors, doll collectors or whatever is also a great way to meet new friends that share the same interest that you do.

So where do you find these activities you may ask.  Well if you are aging in place in your neighborhood, look for a senior center. These days they may call them by other names like Adult Recreation Center, Active Adult Center or something like that. There are different type centers so visit a few. Get their list of activities and start going to a couple.  Give it a chance as building new friendships takes time to know someone.

Both senior living communities and even assisted living have activities. You have to do more than just look at the schedule. You have to actually go and participate. As they say, "just do it".

Now the grandaddy of all opportunities to be involved in activities and make new friends you will find at the 55+ Active Adult Communities.  Like those like those at Del Webb communities. The site is full of Active Adult Community listings. Take a visit and see for yourself. Most of these communities have 100 or so activities that you can become a part of. Plus the people living at these communities are just like you, looking for new friends to enjoy the activities and life with.

Retirement Activities Summary

Participating in activities is the key to finding new friends in retirement. 

Activities are not expensive, they are available to anyone. Senior centers, senior living communities and active adult communities are excellent places to find activities. In addition, activities will keep your brain stimulated and many offer a regular way to exercise while having fun. Participate in some activities and have fun with your friends! This is what enjoying retirement is all about.

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06 Sep 2016

By Robert Fowler