Senior Apartments Considerations

Senior Apartments Can Be Affordable

Becoming a Senior isn't quite the unpleasant experience it used to be before the days of the Internet, Facebook and the ease of foreign travel. Communication with friends and Family can be almost at zero expense providing one has a Computer. However providing a roof over your head that is both affordable and manageable and free from excessive maintenance cost is perhaps the biggest decision that a Senior has to make. Even when analyzing the options for Senior Apartments, which are bewilderingly diverse, there are considerations that require extra scrutiny.

Why Move to a Senior Apartment?

Life changing events such as the death of a Spouse or a Divorce can usually accelerate the need to downsize. There is the issue of a lowering of income following these events, meaning that repairs and maintenance to an existing home may not be sustainable. Since we are mostly all living longer due to advances in Medical care and healthier lifestyles, retirement income planning which may have seemed adequate at the outset, can now be under severe pressure. The need to share the equity in a property after Divorce can often force a move to more affordable accommodation.

Types of Apartments for Seniors

Apartments for Seniors fall into three basic categories which are Market Rate, Luxury and Affordable.

It's likely therefore that a relocation to an affordable Apartment with all the benefits that come with this type of accommodation is a sensible option. Yes, if you have lived in your own house for most of your life then it's surely a painful decision to sell and take the rental route but the advantages far outweigh the downside.

The amount you outlay on your senior apartment is obviously related to what you can afford and to what is currently available in your chosen locality. Affordable housing is in great demand and somewhat short in supply due to demographic changes that have taken place in recent years. An affordable Senior Apartment falls into the area of no more than 30% of ones income outlaid on rent and utilities.

Some senior apartment offer many luxury amenities such as on-site restaurant offering meals, exercise facilities, activities, transportation, clubhouse, walking trails, on-site movie theaters, hair salons, even an on-site nurse and more.  These services and amenities come at a price, but when you consider how much you pay to maintain and keep your single family home, you  may not be paying anymore to down size to a senior apartment and have these services included. Visit several senior apartments to take a tour before you decide which is best for you.

Seniors are living longer; Divorce is more common in the 55-80 age bracket. The lengthier life span of women who outlive their husbands is an issue and an increasing number of women fall the 65 plus age bracket. And it isn't just about the money!

Considerations in Choosing a Senior Apartment

The main considerations in choosing a Senior Apartment Location are as follows:-
(1)Proximity to Friends and Family
(2)The availability of Emotional and Social Support
(3)The freedom from Home and Garden maintenance issues which are a drain even when young but stressful when a Senior. Upkeep and maintenance expenses on a home vs a senior apartment.
(4)The freedom to travel without the ongoing worry of maintenance or safety of the property.

Waiting until the day Dawns when you absolutely have to make a decision about your Senior accommodation is something you should avoid. Thinking in advance and giving yourself time to investigate all your options will pay dividends. Making your decision in your own time will help you to make the best choice and to feel happy about the changes that you are facing. Becoming a Senior needn't be a Black cloud on the Horizon it could well be the start of something new and exhilarating!

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06 Sep 2016

By By Robert Fowler