What Types Over 55 Communities Is Right For You?

What Type Active Adult Community Is Right For You?

There are many types of over 55 communities, but let's talk about those for active adults.   I say active adults as opposed to independent living. I have noticed these types of communities for active adults.

Types of Active Adult Communities

typles over 55 communities

1. Big "Cruise Ship" Type Communities.

The "cruise ship" type is the large Del Webb active adult communities, the Robson Communities and several others. These active adult 55 communities promote the active lifestyle and back it up with the amenities, clubs and programs to do so. They have the large clubhouse, all sorts of facilities, exercise, ball fields and trails.. There probably is a full time activities director overseeing all sorts of clubs and programs for the residents.

It's called "cruise ship" active adult community because it has it all right there in the community. There is always something to do and someone to do it with.

This type active adult community may not be close to your family, if you have one, but you are likely to make new friends easily with other residents.  It is all about what is going on in the community.

These large "cruise ship" active adult communities many times are located within 100 miles of large metro areas like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta or Orlando type metros.

We have seen people swept off their feet with excitement about joining this type community that provides almost an instant active adult lifestyle experience. There are lots of ambassadors for this "cruise ship" type active adult community.

On the other hand we have heard people say these are a little isolated. Like a little Amityville. You could loose touch with the outside world.

2. Suburban Active Adult Community

You may have not noticed but many smaller active adult communities are springing up in the suburbs of the metro areas. These may still have a clubhouse and pool, gardens and bocce ball, walking trails and such, but not on the scale of the "cruise ship" communities. Residents do use the clubhouse but it could be almost empty during the day. Activities are not the main purpose of living in these neighborhood active adult communities.

These being located in the suburbs are naturally closer to family, friends and associates. One could move to a neighborhood active adult community and maintain all of their relationships with people and places. This actually may be considered aging in place.

3. Resort Active Adult Community

This may be the same type as the "cruise ship" active adult community with the addition of being located in a resort location in Florida, in the mountains or at the beach.  Resort Communities may be some seasonal homes.

There be more types of active adult communities, these are just some of my observations lately. What do you think? Are there other types of active adult communities?

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18 Nov 2018

By Robert Fowler