Advantages of Selling your Home through a Realtor

The decision to sell your home needs a thoughtful approach. In order to sell your home at the best possible rate, it is necessary to be aware of real estate market trends. This is not an easy task for laymen.

What you need is a realtor. From researching the real estate market to getting a great deal for you, realtors are professionals trained for trading in homes and properties. Before you decide to sell your home on your own, consider the following advantages of a realtor.

real estate agent benefits

Appropriate Price Determination

Through his expert understanding of the market, a realtor can determine the appropriate asking price for your property. Research is the most important element of price determination. A realtor analyzes the market and looks at financing, prices, and terms and conditions of other properties in the area before deciding on an appropriate valuation for your home. A realtor can also suggest renovations and repairs, as these can contribute to a better asking price for your home.

Listing and Marketing

Once the price has been determined, the property needs to be exposed to the public. Realtors take to channels such as cooperative marketing networks and listing services in order to reach out to buyers. Their understanding of how and where to advertise is critical to you finding a buyer willing to shell out the determined price for your property.

However, recent reports have shown that a huge percentage of property purchases is the result of referrals, personal contacts, and former clients.

On the advertising and marketing front, realtors are trained to highlight the strengths of your property, which makes your home all the more sell-able.

Identifying Qualified Buyers

There are tons of people looking out for properties, but not all of them are qualified to buy them. Through their experience, realtors can identify and qualify buyers who would be financially capable of buying your home. Commonly asked questions for identifying unqualified buyers involve asking them about their mortgage qualification status and the duration for which they have been looking for properties.

Many realtors also have information about pre-qualified buyers looking for properties in and around your home. As an owner, you would never have access to such data and in such circumstances, it's better to turn to realtors.


The potential buyers of your property would always try to swing negotiations in their favor, but it’s the realtor who would stick to the determined property price. Negotiations in real estate can be long drawn out processes, involving steps such as appraisals, financing and inspections.

There may be potential pitfalls after the initial agreement as well. Problems such as unexpected repairs or paperwork issues may come up. Such issues can be impossible for you to deal with alone, and that’s why the assistance of a realtor is vital.

A Step above Agents

Turning to real estate agents seems to be real estate's most common trend. However, not all agents are realtors. Only those with a National Association of Realtors membership are recognized as realtors. The key point of difference between agents and realtors is the code of ethics that realtors adhere to. It has been reported that home buyers and sellers generally enjoy more honest and smoother transactions through realtors.

Removing Risk for a Small Charge

The last thing you would want is a legal fuss after trying to sell your property on your own. Legal problems may take up a lot of your time, along with a large chunk of your finances. You could significantly lower the risks involved by shelling out some money for hiring a realtor in Boston or your area to take care of your real estate deals for you.

With a realtor, risks are lowered, and there would be more potential at finding better buyers for your property.

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10 Oct 2016

By Jenifer Soflous