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A Home For You And Your RV, Too

There is, indeed, a place where you and your RV can live together in harmony (in a luxurious house for you; one that’s connected to a fully equipped RV Garage)! When RV’ers retire, there is no other RV community quite like The Gardens RV Village; they’re unique in the world. When you buy a home in The Gardens, you will gain a ready-made, fun-filled bunch of friends who are ready to roam the country with you or just plain old ‘play’ together at home. This is the best opportunity in the world for an RV’er to enhance their retirement years. Here, you will enrich your life as you rediscover the art of conversation during potluck dinners, explore new interests and activities (or further develop your current passion) and embark on local treks throughout your new Smoky Mountain homeland.

“We’re the ‘Little Engine That Could,’” remarks The Gardens Developer Tim Wilson. We’ve steadily grown over the last 25 years so that we now have almost 200 homes in The Gardens, each with an attached RV garage and inhabited by the friendliest, liveliest people you’d ever want to meet! We sailed right through the recession while our housing values actually increased and have now added 95 acres for additional development.”

“The Gardens is a magical place,” mused Barbara R. She and her husband, Joel, had just returned to their ‘home base’ in Tennessee from a trip to visit their kids in Deer Valley, Utah. After having been full-timers and rambling in their RV for many years, Joel and Barbara bought a house in The Gardens RV Villages in Crossville, Tennessee. (The Gardens is a community of luxury homes with attached RV garages inhabited almost exclusively by RV’ers.)

“We crossed Florida off our list because of hurricanes,” adds Joel. “We decided to take a look at The Gardens in the interest of being thorough, even though Tennessee had not been on our radar. We were just getting settled into Homeless Hill (The Gardens’ private RV park), and immediately, we were invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party. From that point on we just more or less knew, this was the place. It’s just amazing how nice everybody is here.”

“Whenever you go to a party, it’s not cliquish,” Barbara comments. “We are really one big happy family. It’s magic here; it’s different. When I’m away from here, it’s always pulling me back. I have friends and we have activities. I’m DOC – director of cards; Joel is DOG – Director of Golf, and either one of us can be known as DOE (as in director of eating).”

RV’ers are, by nature, socially active, outgoing, friendly individuals. Don’t ask us why; we couldn’t tell you. But as the developer of Crossville’s RV retirement community, The Gardens RV Village, Tim Wilson often points out, “Our residents have truly learned the importance of building lifelong relationships.

“After living in our RV full-time for ten years, Paula and I decided we’d like to have roots again,” says Jack, a retired airline pilot. “We were really looking for a family, not just a place that ‘allowed’ you to park your RV in front of the house. At first, we thought we wanted to retire in Florida. We explored everything from just buying a lot with a BBQ pit to looking at full-scale homes in senior communities where we would have to keep our rig in a nearby lot. But none of these offered the connection with our neighbors that we wanted.”

“The RV mindset means embracing the spontaneity of RVing,” says Paula. “At the same time, living in a housing development in which all of your 400 or so neighbors share your madness, means you can also develop deep connections. What we love about the Gardens is we have forged some amazingly close relationships with a couple of other RVing couples, just like having an extended family. And yet, we still enjoy the spontaneity.”

“That’s just it,” adds Jack. “There have been many times when Paula and I got up in the morning and just decided to go somewhere in the RV. Best of all, we can get together with friends for dinner and decide to take a two-week or two-month trip together and be headed out the very next day!”

“It’s so easy when you have your RV right there,” Paula says. “We can load our rig directly from the pantry and the master bedroom closet and the same goes for unloading. It’s easy to provision up and hit the road!”

Initially when they were making their plans for retirement, the couple decided to just check out The Gardens. “Settling down in Tennessee was not really in our game plan,” chuckles Jack. “But after meeting people in the community, it soon became a really strong option. We decided to drive up and have a look, just to cover all the bases. We weren’t parked on their private campground for more than an hour before we began to meet people. Later, Paula and I took a stroll through the project and what should have been a 20-minute walk turned into an all-afternoon affair! When people heard we were staying on Homeless Hill (that’s the name of the Gardens’ camping site), the residents were opening up their garages so we could take a look and inviting us into their homes.’”

The trip was an eye-opener. The couple drove around town and liked the laid-back feel of it. They joined the weekly Tuesday night dinner many couples from the Gardens attend at the local tavern for ten-dollar steak night. But most of all, they found such a variety of interests in the community.

“In The Gardens we can plan a last-minute overnight with another couple or maybe go out for six months with a caravan,” says Jack. “It’s a comfort to know that wherever you go, your neighbors are going to look out for you. It’s a very worry-free lifestyle. Nine times out of ten, when you decide to take a trip, you’ll find a neighbor who wants to go, too.

Paula adds, “In The Gardens, if you don’t want to participate, there’s no pressure. Your privacy is respected. We are all at that point in life when we understand that there are varied interests and lifestyles. The great thing is there’s always someone to play with.”

Visitors Are Welcome

The developer is Tim Wilson whose father, Jim, started building the community in the late ‘80s. Tim acquired ownership of the property in September 2002. Today, he is the Principal Broker of Gardens Realty LLC and oversees the property’s marketing, sales and construction activities. Gardens Realty LLC – a Tennessee licensed real estate firm and the property’s sole builder Gardens Construction, LLC, a Tennessee licensed contractor – are each dedicated strictly to serving The Gardens RV Village.

“Early in the development of The Gardens,” says Tim, “we realized RV’ers who had sold their homes to buy a lot and build a new home here needed a place to live. So we developed a small, private campground with full electrical and sewer hookups, which we whimsically dubbed ‘Homeless Hill.’ Owners stay on ‘the Hill’ while their homes are being built. RV’ers who are considering whether to move to The Gardens are invited to stay on Homeless Hill at no charge. To reserve a space, you may call 931- 456-7794.”

You may either purchase a previously owned home (see or buy a lot on which to build your own, custom-designed home. After buying a lot, you will be able to work directly with us to design and ‘spec out’ a customized house and attached RV garage. We use a computer-assisted design program to provide a thorough ready-to-build set of plans to our construction contractor.

If you’ve never before enjoyed designing every detail of your ‘castle,’ you’re in for a treat! No two homes are alike in The Gardens! With almost 200 RV houses clustered among fish-filled ponds and ancient oaks and maple trees, every single one was designed to spec by the original purchaser. After selecting your perfect lot, you can sit right down with the architect and builder to specify every detail from the foundation to the roof.

This is the ideal setting for us to spend their retirement years in a beautiful setting, surrounded by neighbors who share their interests. We can enjoy the beauty of Eastern Tennessee, enjoy RV travel with our many friends and develop deeper friendships than we ever imagined possible.

Buying a luxury home in Tennessee’s most sought-after retirement area – 2200 feet above sea level, atop the Cumberland Plateau – affords us the opportunity to live the American dream and still have enough financial reserve to enjoy an abundant life, full of comfort, adventure and enjoyment. The cost of living is one of the most affordable in the nation. Plus, Tennessee has no state income tax on our pension. The state’s website,, says, “Crossville’s cost of living is 10.90% below the U.S. average.”

Crossville offers us, as RV’ers, a 360-degree radius of travel. We can get to Orlando in ten hours, or if we travel north, to Washington, DC in eight. This is a big consideration for people trying to decide whether to retire in Florida or in Tennessee. For example, driving a RV at a normal speed from Ft. Myers, Florida, will take you almost six hours to just get to Valdosta, Georgia.

Life in The Gardens has been compared to when you’re in grade school and you finally get out for summer recess to play with your buddies: It’s more than just a retirement community on top of a mountain. It’s the closest-knit group of the most caring and loving people you’d ever want to meet. It’s a wonderful community in which to develop new interests. We have a great number of groups, from motorcyclists, model airplane builders, quilters and game enthusiasts to get together to play pickle ball, golf and other activities. Most of all, it’s a great environment in which to share good times, whether it’s trekking to a nearby state park or gathering for a pot luck in someone’s RV garage, or playing with your buddies for the day.

So, visit and give us a call at 931-456-7794 to reserve your spot on Homeless Hill, today!

Gardens Realty, LLC Principal Broker: James "Tim" T. Wilson 18 Our Way Drive Crossville, TN 38555 Office: 931-456-7794 Fax: 931-456-7809 License# 00259765


20 Our Way Dr
Crossville, Tennessee 38555

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