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Waterfront and Beach 55 Plus Retirement Communities

Beach and waterfront retirement communities are among the most desirable areas for those aged 55 plus and wanting to maintain an active lifestyle into the golden years. The beauty of landscape combined with exquisite and peaceful surroundings makes waterfront properties one of the most sought after neighborhood communities. Some of the advantages of beach and waterfront communities include:

  • Peaceful and tranquil surroundings
  • Plentiful activities, including water sports and boating opportunities
  • Nearby marinas and boating opportunities
  • Tasty dining options including succulent seafood and local recipes
  • Views of the water, beach or mountains
Beach and waterfront Homes

Waterfront communities, for residents age 55 plus, offer beautiful surroundings and a wide range of activities for the active adult. Keeping healthy and fit as the natural aging process takes place is easy while living near the water. Activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, swimming and biking are all available near the waterfront. Many of these communities that cater to the senior crowd offer quaint cafes and coffee shops scattered among antique stores and art galleries. Shopping among the boardwalk has never been so enjoyable, and all within just steps from your own private residence.

Beachfront and lakeside living offers clean air accompanied with a strong sense of community and belonging. The clean sea air or mountain lake breezes provide comfortable living environments for those with conditions like asthma or seasonal allergies. Living near the waterfront or beach means being surrounded by people who appreciate the active lifestyle as much as you do, bring everyone together to live a life among nature and without the fuss of big city living.

Instead of being a beach or lake tourist, you can now be a part of the neighborhood that takes pride in the natural beauty and hospitality that surrounds you and your loved ones.

Golden Rose Manufactured Housing Community-Puyallup WA

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Golden Rose is a over 55 manufactured home community in Puyallup, WA. We are located along the Puyallup River, enjoy fishing, walking trails, picnic & outdoor cooking locations. Active social scene. R. V. Storage for you snowbirds. Homes for sale!!!

6220 107th Ave. East
Puyallup, Washington State 98372

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