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Some Americans are going to retire overseas for attractive locations with affordable housing and healthcare. Some places we have heard about that may be attractive are Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Mexico, Panama and Spain. I am sure there are more overseas locations attractive for retirement.

Retiring overseas is becoming a popular option for many people entering the second half of life. Although some Americans retiring abroad have no money concerns and are simply looking for an exciting or exotic locale, others are looking for creative retirement alternatives to live the good life on a small nest-egg or part-time income.

Studies have shown that currently over half of working American citizens have less than $25,000 in savings (including retirement funds), and only about a quarter of those within a decade of retirement believe they will be able to retire comfortably in-place. Not coincidentally, many more people are looking into how to retire overseas cheaply, because some foreign retirement locales offer low real estate prices, much lower living expenses, and benefits such as tax breaks and nationalized health care systems that can greatly decrease the amount of money flowing out of retirement accounts every month.

Whether you are looking for the best places to retire overseas or south of the border, here at Americans retiring abroad can find a broad range of housing options in foreign retirement destinations.

As the cost of everything from food and gasoline to medical care and pharmaceuticals rises with inflation in the U.S. today, American seniors are finding fewer options for comfortable retirement here. But if you seek beyond U.S. borders, you may find a number of excellent choices to pursue a contented retirement lifestyle abroad. When you find the right spot to retire overseas cheaply, you may be able to live a lifestyle that would be well beyond your budget in most areas of the U.S.

Nearly 350,000 American retirees are already receiving their Social Security benefits in nations other than the U.S.A.  and some baby boomer expats have already retired abroad but are not yet eligible for their Social Security, so numbers are actually higher than that. For a number of different reasons, some of the best places to retire overseas include Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, France, Belize, and Chile. Check out our comprehensive listings of available properties in these and other senior-friendly retirement destinations.

Whether you are looking for adventure in a faraway land, a tropical climate, or slimmer living costs, overseas retirement may be the right solution for you. In our Overseas Retirement Index, we provide a wide variety of listings in warm and sunny, attractively affordable foreign locales; many of which offer excellent health care and incentives for retirees. Whether you are looking for a quiet bungalow on verdant land in a rural location, a condominium in a European cosmopolitan area, or a tropical beachfront hideaway, you will find listings here to meet your overseas retirement needs.

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