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Vacation Home 55+ Communities

Many baby boomers are taking a smart step toward retirement by investing in vacation homes. Those who are thinking ahead, have disposable income to invest, and know where they would like to live when they retire can buy a resort-like home away from homes in a popular vacation spot now, while average housing prices are relatively low and use it as an ideal retirement home later.

The climate, natural beauty, and range of recreational opportunities that make an area attractive to retirees (especially on the nation's coasts and along the Sun Belt) also call to vacationers. This means that those looking at retirement in a few years can purchase vacation homes in popular destinations or resort-style communities, rent to vacationers during times when resort lodging is at a premium, and then sell their own homes and move into the second upon retirement.

The benefits of this setup, for those who can afford it, are many. For example, renting a luxury vacation home to paying guests at weekly rates can pull in quite a bit of income, helping to offset the second house payments and perhaps put some extra away for retirement. When you want to get away from it all yourself, you can take longer, more relaxing vacations without the expense of luxury lodging or the inconveniences of living out of a suitcase or lugging everything around in your vehicle because you will have your own belongings, appliances, and recreational equipment already stored at your vacation home. And, depending upon how much time you spend at your home away from home, you can become familiar with local restaurants, businesses, health care providers, and recreational opportunities before you retire full-time, and even develop relationships with neighbors; so you can quickly settle into retirement without that rootless feeling many experience when moving into a retirement community.

Those considering the purchase of vacation homes with an eye toward living in them after retiring should first rent in the area for extended stays during all four seasons of the year. What seems like an ideal place to live out your golden years during that one peak vacation week may not appeal to you in the heat of high summer or the storms of winter.

If you already have a chosen retirement destination, you can use our search tool to get a good idea of what kind of vacation homes are available there.  Listed below are some 55+ communities that have vacation homes available. If your plans are less definite, you can simply browse through our database of available resort-area homes, and then use some of our informational resources to find out more about the areas they are in.

Listings of Vacation Home Communities