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Waterfront Retirement Communities

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Many active seniors dream of retiring to a waterfront community. Watching the sunset over the water, hearing the sound of the pounding surf, watching the water birds, and having direct access to beaches and marinas all sound like wonderful ways to spend your golden years. But often, retirees give up on the idea quickly when they consider their budget; homes and condos with amazing ocean views can be prohibitively high-priced.

If you have always dreamed of living on the water, but are worried about the expense, never fear: Affordable waterfront retirement communities do exist, you just need to think a little outside the box to find less costly options. There are many active adult communities along the shores of lakes, rivers, and bays as well as oceanfront properties, so you can still spend your retirement years beach combing, boating, fishing, and watching the aquatic wildlife while hanging on to some of your nest egg.

There are a wide variety of waterfront retirement communities located on the shores of inland lakes across the country. In Southern states such as Georgia and Arkansas, lakefront homes and warm climates give these communities a vacation resort feel, and plenty of opportunity for fishing, boating, and swimming in your leisure time. Farther north, in Colorado, or along the coastlines of some of the Great Lakes, the weather may be cooler, but there are still a broad range of water-related recreational activities, such as scuba diving Lake Michigan’s Manitou Passage shipwrecks, canoeing, sailing, fly fishing, or even ice fishing in deep winter.

Riverfront properties can also be great for waterfront retirement on a budget. There are several waterfront retirement communities along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, or if you are interested in a more striking, arid landscape, you might look into properties along the Columbia River Gorge in inland Oregon and Washington. Many retirees enjoy trolling for walleye by boat or fishing from the banks of these rivers; and watching the river waters rolling on by can be its own form of relaxation.

Alternatively, if the smell of salt sea air appeals to you, you may find your perfect retirement home along the shores of bays and inlets. Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina have a wealth of beautiful bays and bayous. In fact, there are over 40,000 Carolina Bays spread throughout NC, SC, and GA. Farther north, the New England coastline also offers bayside living with a number of waterfront retirement communities along the rocky shores.

Of course, if you have the budget for it, you have a huge number of senior housing options for that dream retirement among palm trees, ocean sunsets, and rolling surf. Sun Belt states offer retirement communities along the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico; California’s sandy beaches are lined with active adult communities; Florida has the Gulf, the Keys, and the Atlantic coastline; and the Northeastern and Pacific Northwestern states both offer retirement locations with arresting views of crashing waves and rocky promontories.

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