Healthcare Cruise at Sea


The effect our ship will have on American healthcare and the elderly will be special: The healthcare system is broken. We are designing our company from the ground up to change the way long-term health care needs are met Our floating medical facility will be its own healthcare system. Patients can travel, get medical care, rehabilitate, and still have an active & fun lifestyle for about the same price as a private room in a nursing home Our ship will have 25x the medical staff of a regular cruise ship and a full pharmacy. Seniors can have access to extra medical care while they travel including physicians, nurses, a dentist, physical/massage therapy, and more. Talk about peace-of-mind! Thousands of jobs will be created. The ship will be built in the US, by US workers, led by an American company. Not only will jobs be created ON the ship, but we need employees in EVERY port we visit. We will spur economic growth for businesses and non-profits in those ports every time we arrive.


1741 S. Cleveland Ave.
Suite 199
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

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